10 SURPRISING and weird Things Happened when I QUIT Social Media

what’s up people so recently it seems like there’s a lot more attention being brought to the idea and concept of quitting social media, recently Cassey neistat posted a video Phil DeFranco talked about it and it’s actually  something that I started two years ago realized I got to stop noise and I just stopped watching news and so I did for the last two years no news I choose to be blissfully  ignorant, and honestly its been one of the best decision I ever made for me than about 90 days ago I took a class by Gary Vaynerchuk   that got me thinking more about social media and  how its directly impacting my life and how I think and  feel that I would be  happier person if I didn’t spend so much time on it so I quit 90 days its been one  of the decisions I ‘ve ever made .so today I’m gonna show 10 skills I’ve learned .


when I say quit social media, what am I talking about???  number one I stopped consuming the news right for two years now I haven’t consumed the news for the last 90 days have been out of Facebook, for the most part, instagramme for the most part. twitter for the most part.

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