weirds things happened to me when i start take cold shwores

so far the past  few years I’ve been seeing all this stuff   all these content all these people talking about taking cold showers and all the amazing benefits that you get from actually taking freezing cold showers every day and when I heard about this I was like hell no so I kinda forgot about it but then the other day I’m talking to a fellow content creator and he’s like yo have like considered cold showers ??? I m like I’m never considered taking a cold shower and he was like whey??

I’m like .because it’s absolutely horrible hopping in a freezing ice cold shower first thing on the morning is a zero on my priority list. whey ;

if it makes me fly I wouldn’t do it but he started talking to me and telling me is like no that’s not how its work you actually build up to the cold water you hop in its warm and then you gradually make it colder and the idea is that you actually in the cold shower for three two five minutes at the end .

really alright well this isn’t quite as bad I thought.

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